sábado, 31 de março de 2012

Review: Sweet Eye Brown by PinkyParadise

So, this year I bought new circle lenses on a sale on PinkyParadise it was for only 16,00 USD so it was really cheap.
I choose the Sweet Eye Brown, because it will look more natural on my eyes, once they already are brown. (dark brown)

Pinky Paradise was a really good seller, I can't tell now when they shipped it and when it arrived because right now they site is under maintenance, when they're back I'lol edit this post ;)
But I can say it arrived in the time I was expectiong (it was about 1 month, since I live in Brazil)

This is the pic with one eye withou the lenses and one with.
as you can see, the lenses give you a really good enlargement.

So, my rates:

Design: 5/5
Confort: 5/5
Enlargement: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Package: 5/5

 No, I'm no kidding, it was really, really good. I can stay ALL the day using those lenses withou any discomfort, and when I mean ALL THE DAY, I mean like 12 hours using them.
The Price is really good to, I bought it in a sale, but even out of the sale the price isn't too much.
As I sad, the enlargement is awesome, and I really liked the design.

Well, I think everyone already saw the pics I took using the lenses, but here go once more.
So, all I can say that for me PinkyParadise is highly recommended.

Hope you liked this review, and that helped you when you want to purchase new lenses.
I also receveid two lenses from Lensvillage, so really soon I will review them here.♥

sábado, 17 de março de 2012

My new love: JugeETTA by Liz Lisa

I love Liz Lisa, even I don't have any clothes by them (I need to put food inside home, so, can't afford brand itens)
Last Year they relesead a new brand: JugeETTA, for more mature girls, who like to look more elegant.
Their site: JugeETTA
Their store:

Some of their coordinates:

And my favorite pieces from the online store:

what do you think about JugeETTA? I just Love!

My little Mel do love Louis Vuitton (she would love to get inside my bag, that's the tryth...)

quinta-feira, 8 de março de 2012

Gyaru MVs

Well, it's again about music, but this time only 3 videos whit gyaru on them.
The first video was send to me by my friend Grazi ♥

This one:
Well, i just felt in love with this, and went to see the related videos and found this 2 ones:

I loveeeed them, hope you like too.

To be sincere, the post aren't supposed to be about this, but yes about gyaru hair... but welll, I will do it until the next week.
To end today's post, I will share with  you all the dream I had.
In the drem, I was invited to a 'gyaru party' where they just sent 100 invitations.
So, I wen with a taxi, and get there with another 2 girls.
I can't remember what kind of clothes I was using, except for a thing:
This head thing I have on Ameba Pico, but in my dream this was white...
Well, Then I went to Hotel, where the host of the party was waiting just at the Hotel lounge.
The party was in a great room, and was full of kind decorations and sweet food like macaroons and cupcakes! (and if I remeber well, this was all pink...)
And at the end, this was like a job interview where some girls are going to modeling for a magazine shoot o____o

Gyaru is going inside my dreams.... wow.

That's all for today.
hope you liked this.
Xoxo (^3^)~♥chuu!

P.S. by the way, for who play Ameba Pico, my name is •Adamantine•
and for who play the original Ameba Pigg, search for aoisekai
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